Name: shopptilldawn
Comments: hello sweetie^^ . thanks for swapping your zinc haversack with me , though i know there are certain defects , but it's still usable ^^ .hope you like your m)phosis tote bag too^^ . though i had to wait for a slightly long time , i think its still alright for overall . i have a suggestion to make , you should delete away those pictures you have swapped the stuff to avoid confusion . hope to swap with you again ^^

Mary @ shopptilldawn
  • will heed your advice:) thanks for your feedbacks, nice dealing with you too!
Name: Irwina Evangelistique
Comments: it was a great service provided by this shop owner (: trustworthy and is flexible in her meet-ups and payment methods . i like the way she manages her online shop . definitely a 4 star rating out of 5 . the waiting time can be improved on and the number of caps can have a smaller number so that customers wont have to wait for so long for the confirmation of items eg the earpieces <:

overall , service is GREAT !
keep up the good work .
  • sure will improve the waiting time :) will improvise on it:D

Updated on 12/08/10

 hello shoppers/swappers beware of a bshop :http://www.shopw-luvs.blogspot.com/ . she told me that her back was used a few times only an evidence is here with me. And i did asked her if there is any defects?? And she didnt told me at all?! though my vans shoe was quite dirt but after a was it will be fine?! and hers was like ?? duhh? i cnt tolerate ppl who does not tell me the truth of their item even her XT2 hot pants, at first sight i knew it wasnt new at all. though you right the tag is still attached hence you can use the pants at tie back the tag right?? tsk evidence here, judge for yourself :) not blacklist but be cautious.
i guess you cannot see clearly but i have taken a closer picture :) .
i did not edit or whatso ever you might think im capable of (: cos the prove is the bg of the msn chat you can see words because i made it translucent and if i editted it there will be a white box covering the text behing the words. And her item is just worth 51bux?? mines is 65bux manzxc. and she even request for two item so let her but in the end her item sucks. So judge it buhh.

well oh well, count down two weeks for your item to arrive!! :D do wait kays? shipping needs time T.T

with loves,
Elaine [;

Updated on 08/08/10

hello there more instock will be uploaded soon within 2 days:) do check out for more new instock in shopcraze-x! anw also do leave feedbacks and all feedbacks will be posted here.
To those meeting on the following date:
  1. Shopp-tilldawn.weebly : bishan, 12.05pm, 09august ; Zinc Haversack.
  2. Fashionwalkaway.bs : bukitbatok, 1.15pm, 09august ; ONTO & Molly Bracelet.
  3. Mylovelyrack.bs : woodlands, 11.0pm, 10august ; Samantha Bag.
  4. Shopwusazx.bs : yishun, 11.30am, 10august ; PinkPanther 45th anni plush.

To those swapping under postage:
  1. Itscalled-faith.bs : PinkGrey Striped Tee & Spag Dress.
  2. Shopping-glory.bs : Inspired Anna Sui Mirror.

alrights do enjoy shopping here shoppers, remember your feedbacks. your feedbacks means alot to us:)

with loves,

Updated on 01/08/10

hello! we are back for more! do support the havanians page(: we are selling authentic havaianas at low price(: do check out and if you are interested in buying fill in the form in the havaianas section, thank you and enjoy.[COMING SOON!] xoxo.

with loves,

Updated on 31/07/10

Hello there. I have yet to send in orders for metal frame wallet and the korea bags but will do it asap by today/tommorow. Please send in your orders now(: i have to collect the payment too. enjoy shopping and the instock is a must to cearrrr! thank you. xoxo.

with loves,

Updated on 25/07/10

Hello shoppers. Do continue support our instocks and preorders too. Customers who wants to buy/swap my instock, can you please don't go M.I.A just like you have die and vanish into thin air? I dislike this kind of thing happening to me. It happened not once and not twice. Can you also take the initiative enough to at least inform me if you still want the item or not, hence you went missing just like that.I would appriciate if you would at least tell me and i will not blacklist you or even say things about you. Just for this time i'm good to those dead buyers. But will not be nice and kind the second time kays :) well enjoy shopping. xoxo.

with loves,

Updated on 24/07/10

oh well shoppers:) its long since i post:D i met a bshop owner for partial trades for my watch she left me a note :
                       hey babe:)
                             thanks for the trade !
                          hope you like the items and wear
                              them out often! thanks for
                            letting me negotiate the price!
                          it was nice dealing w you:)


oh thanks jelliesandroses for trading too:) will post her note she left here too:) she is officially our member here too:D oh yarhhh, erm those shoppers who wanna purchase korea bag and rou lailai metal frame wallet do purchase fast , im going to send orders next week :) thanks for your continuos support, will bring in more item if business is good:) oh && the item is not mailed yet i was late for mailing the items but will mail by tomorrow so send me your address by mail or be it by sms ASAP, thanks :) noted: sweetsecre-t, shopping-glory, thegirl02. thankyou.

with loves,

Updated on 03/07/10

hello shoppers:> if anyone request to have meet up for next tues-sun which means from 06/07-10/07 , i will not be free unless you want to meet at my convinience on the wednesday ONLY, timing will be confirm again :) i hope i can clear most of my instock yeah? :) thanks, and lastly enjoy :D i have recieved many of your orders will reply you ASAP due to my bussiness :) and the orders once it is updated it will be at the order status :)

with loves,

Updated on 16/06/10.

hello shoppers:> i got another survey :D thanks again:D this person request me to sell wallets<: hahas, i think we currently have preorders for roulailai metal frame wallet & F21 inspired just go to PREORDER>>ROULAIAI/F21 , tadaaaa and you have entered to the page:D do support our instock by purchasing them instead for swaps/trades in order for us to bring in new thingssss:D

with loves,

Updated on 13/06/10.

i got another survey:D thanksss! this one request for Eyeshimmers, vintage bags, tees, geek spects. (: greats! i will find supplier for this too!:D currently for the KPOP items are not officially selling in this bshop yet , because somethings are not updated yet. especially SHINee :D alrights, i will see to it then. do help me clear my instocks yeah ^^ they are cheap!

with loves,

Updated on 12/06/10.

currently the rou lai lai metal frame wallet , we only take orders which price are shown(: after i get my supplier's reply i will inform you again yeah? do support:D and currently i am finding for a supplier that supplies KPOP items, cause i got a survey from a passer-by that if i will sell SHINee items^^ sure and thanks for your survey, i will bring in more KPOP merchandise & etc. yeah[; so do visit again for more preorders^^ & i met one customer & 2 blogshop owner today[; i managed to swapped/sold/bought things from them succesfully. they are great, despite me being late by few minutes[; THANKS! look at the featured link on the main page.

with loves.

Updated on 09/06/10.

all preorders have been unfreezed, more preorders added. prices are changed due to the change of supplier(;
Preorder(s) which are resumed:
Earpieces, KoreaBags, M)phosis Tote,  RouLaiLai, onto headphones & mix-style headphones.
Instocks are still available! do mail us your interested category under "instocks"

section, we will try to reply to you within 24hrs (; price can be nego, we mail you the
info of the item and also the picture of the item[: