Runaway Clocky. Preorder#01

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Unlike other clocks, Clocky runs and hides, literally getting you out of the bed to chase after him.
Clocky is highly recommended for the deep sleepers who always get to work/school late!
For the sleepyheads and the morning impaired, get Clocky to be your strongest enemy.



How to use:
Clocky sounds his alarm for the first time and once you hit snooze, you lose!
Clocky runs off after reaching the snooze time and by then, the alarm starts going off the second time. This time, you have to try to get Clocky in order to stop him from ringing. Clocky has to be manually de-activated (:
Clocky can be placed from a height of 3 feet above ground.
*Clocky's snooze time can be set from 0-9minutes.

Who would Clocky be recommended for?
The deep sleepers, those who always report late, those who loves lazing in bed.But, why Clocky not others?
Clocky is the only clock who plays hide-and-seek with you early in the morning just to get you awake.
No other clock does this.If you're thinking of other cheapo clocks, think again.
You have to get him before he starts ringing (:

How famous is Clocky?
Clocky has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Big Idea, The New York Time 'Year In Ideas,' ID & Dwell, to name just a few. Clocky is famous for his runaway stunts !