Terms & Conditions

1.No dead buyers
2.No phone=No deals(:
3.No Refund/Back Out order(s), once order is confirmed
if not BLACKLISTED. [ when you have filled the order form especially]
4.We do meetups ONLY
5.Dead buyers will be blacklisted
6.Late for 5 minutes = $1.00 extra will be charged
7.Only meet-up payments are available
8.E-mails will be replied within 1-3 days
9.No patience, no deals(:
10.only TEXT not RING:D
11.we are not responsible for any damages due to shipping
12.try not to change your order
13.if you have any enquires do tell us
14.don't sms me with un-related things(:
15.if you are swapping/trading/buying things from me, i hope that you would be able to meet at my convinience stated below otherwise you will have to pay me to meet up at your convinience. this is from the effect on 21/06/10. if you do not want to meet at my convinience i am free to collect extra charges money from you :)
16.for preorders you have to pay before you recieve the item :) for more info do not hesitate to ask me :)
Marsling-Katib[FOC](only on weekends)
Woodlands-Yishun[FOC](only on weekdays)
YioChuKang-Bishan[$1.50 extra charge]
RafflesPlace-Lavender[$2.50 exta charge]
JooKoon-Dover[$2.50 extra charge]
FOC at only convinient places. Woodlands-Yishun ONLY.
i accept meetups on monday-thursday. between 3-6pm only.
for some reasons on friday i cn meet is i have CCA till 6(:WEEKENDSSSS:FOC at longer distance for my convinience.meetups between 2pm-7pm only. mass meetups will also usually be made on weekends:D FAQ: wads mass meetups?it is when im going to a place where i can maybe meetupat your convinience somewhere you can reach the place too(:for SUNDAYS, i can only meet you up between 4pm-7pm.* cos im having training on tht day so meet up will be late(:
usually mass meetups will be at AngMoKio for my convinience(only on sundays).